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Server Backups and Disaster Recovery

Could your business afford to lose any data? How long could your business run without access to key files and information?

Here at Lincoln IT Solutions we think it’s good to review and pose questions to our clients to get them to think about their current information technology setup. Today we are discussing Server Backups and Disaster Recovery solutions. Consider the following information and see how you would cope in this scenarios.


Someone in your business receives an e-mail claiming to be from the HMRC. It has an attachment that they click on. 30 minutes later, all of the files on their machine and on your server shared drives have been encrypted by the latest iteration of the CryptoLocker virus demanding a ransom.



A disgruntled employee maliciously deletes years’ worth of business critical e-mails and server files. You assumed that your backups were sufficient, but by the time you had realised the data was gone, it was too late. Your backups only go back 1 week and it’s impossible to recover data from before that time.



A break-in occurs over the weekend and the burglars steal your server along with your backup drive that you had plugged into the server. You assumed that you were safe because you were backing up your data but you had never considered the fact that without the server and the backup drive you had no other means of recovering your data.


Hopefully, you will never have to experience any of the above scenarios! Unfortunately, we have already been contacted by businesses who have. In some cases, the best we can do it help to re-build what has been lost. Going forward, these businesses now have a robust backup and disaster recovery strategy in place which includes long file retention and full off-site resiliency.


Surprisingly, a substantial amount of UK businesses rely on little to no protection whatsoever!


If you are unsure how well your business is protected, then please contact us for a free backup and disaster recovery assessment. We tailor our solutions to your business so whether you are a small business or large, we help to protect your vital data.